Modern implications of gender in medieval times

How have gender roles in the past affected society today?

Since the medieval times, women have gradually waged war on the inequality of the sexes and have achieved great things over the course of time including gaining the vote and ensuring a greater degree of financial and social independence.


The roles of both males and females have evolved significantly since medieval times. Today, women have access to a much greater degree of equality than in times gone by; the number of women who work is increasing constantly and many women are now balancing a successful career with motherhood. Women contribute more to the national and global economy than ever before.

Women’s rights

Women have more rights than in medieval times; females can not only vote, but also have the ability and right to make decisions related to social issues such as marriage, divorce, the use of contraception and abortion.

Social status

Although there is a degree of male supremacy still, women are considered more fairly and equally in society today. Women have access to the same standards of education as men and are therefore able to access high profile, well-paid jobs. On the whole, women do not suffer the same level of abuse as those who lived in medieval times and enjoy a much greater degree of respect in wider society.

The changing role of the male

Recent years have witnessed a gradual change in the role of the modern male as the power dynamic has shifted towards women, who are increasingly influential in the workplace. The number of stay at home dads, for example, has risen steadily over the last few years and the market for men’s physical appearance has sky-rocketed in recent years; products, such as facial care lotions, self-tanning creams and hair products for men are now almost as profitable as those for women; man are more image and fashion conscious than ever before. What’s more, men can now be find in beauty stores for face creams and what not, and you can even find a vast majority getting cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal. Things have indeed changed.